Providing quality wooden and plastic pallet solutions since 1996, Just Pakrich prides itself on being a customer service oriented pallet manufacturer. Being proactive to our customer's logistical needs, we will continue to provide our innovative pallet solutions while rolling with the technological winds of change. With over 90% of our customer base comprising of repeat buyers, there's something special about us. Using our automated pallet assembly system, we are quickly able to produce high quality wooden pallets as well as plastic pallets.


A commitment to safety overlays all our operations. Every employee is on our safety team:  that means, they carry the responsibility of keeping themselves and those around the SAFE! Through intense and consistent safety training, operational procedures, protective devices and signage, we have achieved an enviable record of worker safety. That not only benefits our employees, but also ensures uninterrupted production that benefits our customers. 


We are dedicated to providing high quality products and reliable services to our customers. Our goal is to offer you superior pallets at the most cost effective prices. Our services also include buying, selling, and repairing pallets as well as pallet management and convenient delivery

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