We work hard every day to make Just Skidding BC's most respected Pallets company  
                                                                                                           Danish Butt (President)

These services are part Pakrich's commitment to environmental sustainability, and support our customers who have sustainability goals.

Our recycling division obtains used and broken pallets through a variety of sources, including scrap and pallet removals from our customers. We also buy used wood pallets from other vendors. 

Scrap removals are returned to our recycling plant and sorted into one of the following categories:
• Used wood pallets in good condition are placed into inventory and available for immediate resale.\
• Pallets too damaged for repair are disassembled for the usable boards.
• Used pallets with some damage can be restored using boards removed from other, badly damaged pallets.
• Unusable lumber left over from disassembled pallets goes into our grinder.


If your company accumulates a surplus of unusable pallets, you may qualify to enter into a repair program with Pakrich. In this case, your organization never loses ownership with the qualifying pallets. We simply bring the pallets back to our facility for repair and send them back to you for a flat rate. For more information, contact us today.


Pakrich operates its own fleet of trucks; including semis, flatbeds, short trucks, box trucks and enclosed vans to assure prompt and reliable delivery of pallets, crates and industrial lumber.

Our mandate is to supply pallets to our customers based on their schedule. Our ability to supply 365 days and 24 hours a day makes us a differentiator in our industry.